About us


Dinner at Quemo, HK


Hmmm, I guess this is where we are supposed to captivate our readers with a fancy story of where we come from and who we are but the reality I’m afraid isn’t anything like that. So a brief (short to say boring) introduction would probably be ideal. We are just 2 typical girls bonded by our common love for travel, all things fashion, beauty products and our greatest love of all, FOOD. I realized that our bond could come across potentially shallow but rest assured our friendship is much deeper than it sounds. We are both lawyers by profession. So when we are not stuffing our faces with yummy food, chances are that we are probably stuck in the office poring over lengthy documents.

Eatsee Bitsee is the journal which collects memories of our experiences relating to food – from michelin-starred restaurants to the local eateries around the corner of where we live to the recipes we have tried at home (successfully). Feel free to drop us a comment if there are any thoughts you would like to share with us. We hope you will enjoy reading our blog as much as we enjoyed putting the entries together.


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