A good dinner to start the weekend @ Gonpachi

The must orders –

A5 beef skewers

Bagna Cauda – Japanese vegetables served with shanghai hairy crab dipping sauce

Uni tempura

Handmade soba served chilled with yam purée

Crab croquette

The rest of the dinner –

Japanese omelette served with radish. Texture was great, egg was spongy and very moist. Pretty good if you love your eggs. I’m an egg lover.

Ox tongue skewers – nice chew and great flavors. I could do with an extra stick.

Toro skewers – a little overcooked because most part of it except the centre was tough. The flavors was still good but I’d would much rather have my toro sashimi style.

The tsukune was served with onsen egg but it cost extra to request for that.. STRANGE. This dish was average.

Not the best steamed egg custard I have had but still it was pretty yummy! The egg custard was nice and moist, had the right texture and just enough wobble to it. The flavors were slightly on the subtle side but otherwise, still a satisfying dish.

This was the least memorable dish for me.. Vegetable tempura with little shrimps. Aesthetically it looked amazing and it smelled so good too but the texture didn’t really do it for me. I like my tempura to have a light and crispy batter with a contrasting texture from the actual food that’s beneath the batter whether its crunchy fresh prawns, perfectly cooked fish or sweet juicy vegetables. This dish however just felt heavy.


Pleasantly surprised @ The Bellbrook Bistro Oz by Laris

My favorite dishes of the night! May I present to you –

Steak tartar – possibly one of the most innovative steak tartar I have tried and its GOOD! It’s mixed with bone marrow, sinfully decadent and packed with flavors.

Next favorite – steak flank. The steak was cooked perfectly, slightly charred on the outside and a wonderful pink on the inside. Eaten with the smoky eggplant purée, the combination of flavors mutually enhanced each other. Every bite left me nodding my head with approval and wanting more.

Now for the rest of the dinner –