Custard Puffs – an obsession?

Date: 23 April 2013
Weather: Blue skies and a generally sunny day

Custard Puffs – an obsession?

I have been a huge fan of puffs with creamy decadent custard filling since I was tiny. I especially loved the ones at Katong Bakery & Confectionery in Singapore, an iconic two-storey shophouse in a magnificent red facade that stood its place along East Coast Road once upon a time. To be exact, it occupied that spot for a good 78 years since 1925 – that’s way before my mom and dad were born, amazing stuff. I remember making very frequent trips to that bakery just for their custard puffs. They were traditional, fuss-free puffs loaded with sweet, eggy custard which had the perfect consistency. Sadly, I will never be able to taste these lovely puffs again as the bakery closed down in 2003. Continue reading