0.5 Contemporary Japanese Cuisine & Bar

Date: 23 April 2013
Weather: Cloudy and cool with moments of glorious sunshine

  • Address: Shop B, G/F, 12-13 Shepherd Street, Tai Hang, 大坑施弼街12-13號地下B號舖
  • Cuisine: Japanese
  • Recommendation: Plum cod, cold udon with sea urchin
  • Average price range: HKD 400-500 per person w/o alcohol

A fairly new establishment in my favorite neighborhood – Tai Hang, a foodie’s haven. It’s definitely not a fine dining oasis, think more hearty, non-pretentious comfort food that won’t break the bank (well, at least not for most restaurants here).

Not many reviews on 0.5 but I decided to give it a shot anyway since a friend did say pretty good things about it. Besides, I heard that it’s by the same folks as No. 5 Italian and Go Ya Yakitori (both of which are located in Tai Hang and serve some pretty amazing food but those are stories for another time).

The ambience was charming and inviting, which got me quite hopeful about the impending feast. Continue reading