Hello world!

Date: 22 April 2013
Weather: Cloudy and grey (but it’s ok because my heart is overflowing with excitement!)

My Very First Entry *drumrolls*

melYes I know, it’s yet another food blogger (*yawns*) coming on board. Worse still, I’m not even an awesome writer so technically speaking, I’m no more than a wannabe food blogger BUT I do have an insane love for food that I wish to share with the world..  ok fine, someone… anyone…? *flashes the big-eyed look*

And somewhere during the course of my life, I found another person who has uncannily similar thoughts as yours truly. So here we are, sharing with you our love affair with all things yummy (and beautiful) on Eatsee-Bitsee!

I guess the next thing is for me to introduce myself – who I am, where I hail from, my morals and beliefs, my likes and dislikes etc.

But on second thoughts, I think a simple introduction should suffice for now lest i bore you to tears – I am a lawyer by profession and a foodie by heart, a Singaporean by birth and a generally cheerful person by nature. I am currently living in Hong Kong and have been for almost 3 years. Hence, you will notice that most blog entries will be on sights, scenes and eating places in HK. I do love traveling as well so from time to time, there will be blog entries on my getaways (especially if I have stumbled upon a hidden gem restaurant or through sheer perseverance scored a spot in one of my culinary bucket list restaurants).

To those lovely souls who have read till this point of my entry and still haven’t lost interest, A BIG WELCOME! I’m honored to have you join me on my food journeys =)



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